Do I Go to Urgent Care or My Dentist for a Dental Emergency?

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When you are experiencing facial trauma, severe tooth pain, a lost tooth, or a cracked or broken tooth, it’s important to seek emergency dental care. At LANCO Dental Care, we treat patients with a dental emergency in Lancaster, PA. Our emergency dentist can help explain what is a dental emergency and can resolve your pain or discomfort quickly. There is no need to visit urgent care or the ER for a dental emergency, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which can increase your risk of contracting coronavirus.

When should I seek emergency dental care?

Many injuries can be considered dental emergencies. At LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA, we specialize in treating emergencies and restoring our patients’ oral health quickly. Depending on your dental emergency, our emergency dentist can offer immediate treatment or prescribe antibiotics that can help resolve an infection before treatment begins.

What is considered a dental emergency?

It can be difficult to know when something is severe enough to require emergency dental care from an emergency dentist. An untreated dental issue can impact your overall health, not just your oral health. Some signs you’re experiencing a dental emergency include:

  1. Abscess: An abscessed tooth means there is an infection at the root of the tooth. This will require a surgical procedure where the tooth must be drained to remove the infection.

  2. Broken dentures or fillings: When they are not restored, this can lead to an infection.

  3. Lost tooth: If you lost a tooth, place it in milk or your saliva to preserve it, so it has a better chance of functioning once again.

  4. Severe tooth pain: If your tooth pain or sensitivity worsens with time, it could mean you have an infection. When your toothache doesn’t go away, you need emergency dental care. When left untreated, an infection in the tooth can get into your bloodstream and cause health problems.

  5. Tooth damage: Cracked or broken teeth can usually wait until regular hours. However, if the break is large enough, this can be a dental emergency as it can lead to damage inside your tooth, which increases your risk of needing a root canal.

Emergency dental treatment options

The type of treatment used at LANCO Dental Care depends on the cause of your tooth pain. After a dental exam and X-rays, we can recommend the best tooth pain solution for patients in Lancaster, PA.

Some treatments used to treat dental emergencies include:

Learn when you should visit an emergency dentist in Lancaster, PA

It’s important to always know what is going on inside your mouth. When you have tooth pain or other signs of a dental emergency in Lancaster, PA, our professional dental team at LANCO Dental Care can help. We pride ourselves on helping our patients restore their oral health and remedy any tooth pain they are experiencing as quickly as possible. To schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist, call our dental office today.

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