Do I Need Emergency Dental Care If I Break a Tooth?

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There are many reasons why a tooth may accidentally break, such as trauma in a vehicle wreck or a sports injury. Maybe you have eaten something hard and added more stress on your teeth than necessary. Whatever the reason for your broken tooth, you’ll likely require emergency dental care as soon as possible. The expert dental team at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA will always be available to help you resolve any emergency dental care you may need.

Protecting your tooth

If you break a tooth, you’ll need to ensure the broken piece and site are safe. Add the broken tooth to a glass of milk or saline solution to preserve the tissue so your dentist will be able to reattach it. Be sure to handle the tooth by the crown. Avoid touching the root, as doing so may damage the tooth.

You can also rinse the tooth off with water if the tooth is dirty, but avoid cleaning off any bits of tissue, and do not clean the tooth with anything other than water. Avoid scrubbing the tooth as well, as the excess pressure could harm the tissue.

Flush the socket area

You can also flush out the inside of your mouth and the open socket with warm salt water every few minutes. Flushing the tissue prevents bacteria from entering the socket and harming the area, so the tissue remains safe and healthy. This process works best if you can keep your tooth under control, especially if you were able to place it back in the socket.

Apply a cold compress to the affected area

Another solution for treatment is to add a cold compress to the area of your face near the broken tooth. A broken tooth will produce swelling, but the issue can become less intense when you add a cold compress. It is easier for our dentists at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA to treat your broken tooth when you use the proper compresses over the spot.

Keep the area from bleeding

The last thing to do when waiting for emergency care is to use the proper method for preventing bleeding. Be sure to bite down on the tooth area if you can get the broken tooth back into the socket. You’ll require a piece of sterile gauze if you cannot get the tooth back in its proper space.

Contact us right away for help with your dental emergency in Lancaster, PA

The dental team at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA can assist you with your emergency dental care needs if you happen to break a tooth. We can schedule a time for you to arrive, plus we’ll provide specifics on what you can do to protect your tooth before your visit. Be sure you contact us as soon as possible after breaking your tooth. Time is critical when managing your dental emergency, and we want to resolve your problem as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse.

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