Don’t Let Halloween Treats Trick You into Bad Dental Habits

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It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the Halloween season, but you could harm your teeth if you eat too many sweet treats. Excess candy can cause bad bacteria to feed on the sugar you consume, causing plaque buildup, stains, and decay on your teeth. You could also experience dental fractures or cavities. The expert dental team at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA wants to help you understand what you can do to stay away from bad dental habits with a few dental care tricks.

Make sure the timing is right during Halloween

Start by looking at how you’re eating sweets around Halloween. Wait until after a meal to eat any candy, as you won’t be likely to eat more than necessary after you finish a full meal. You’ll also produce more saliva after a meal, making it easier for you to clear out some acids you might consume while eating candy.

Avoid candies that might be harmful to your teeth

Look at the candies you’re consuming during the Halloween season. Avoid anything that is too sticky and might get caught on your teeth. Don’t consume candies that will stay in your mouth for too long, as the sugar and other bacteria in the food will have more time to stick to your teeth.

Don’t drink the sugary stuff

While soft drinks and various other sugary beverages can be appealing for Halloween, they can cause harm to your teeth. It is easier for bacteria and acids to spread around your teeth when you consume soda loaded with sugar and other similar drinks. These beverages can also stain your teeth. Avoid these drinks when possible, and brush afterward if you do indulge.

Brush after each meal for good dental health

Always brush your teeth after each meal you consume during the day. Brushing keeps the bacteria from foods from sticking around your teeth. It also keeps your teeth feeling fresh, keeping you from wanting to consume any more food.

Our team at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA also recommends you floss once a day. Flossing keeps various bits of bacteria from sticking between your teeth.

Sugarless gum is a better alternative

Another tip we recommend is chewing sugarless gum for about 20 minutes after a meal. Sugarless gum increases the saliva flow in your mouth, helping you clear out acids and bacteria.

Be sure whatever sugarless gum product you have has the ADA seal. It states that the American Dental Association endorses the gum you will use. Many of these products also feature great flavors that can be ideal to enjoy instead of traditional gum. You’ll have an easier time protecting your teeth while still enjoying great flavors when you chew sugarless gum.

Contact LANCO Dental Care for all your dental care needs

Your dental health is critical to a healthy life. Don’t slip up during the Halloween season because of the festive atmosphere. Contact us at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA for help today. Our team approach will help you avoid bad dental habits, plus we can provide routine dental cleanings and other services for your convenience.

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