Four Things to Consider When Looking For a Family Dentist

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Dental health is vital to good overall health, so it's important to visit a dentist twice a year for a cleaning and once a year for a check-up and screening. Dental care should start at a young age so that it can be primarily preventive. However, as we age, we have new oral health needs and need to model good oral hygiene and concern for dental health for our families. That's why family dentistry is so crucial to each family member.

The team at LANCO Dental Care is here to help your family meet their oral health needs and prevent future issues.

Keep reading to discover four things you should consider when choosing a family dentist in Lancaster, PA.

What should I consider when looking for a family dentist?

Family dentistry (or general dentistry) typically includes services such as:

  • Dental cleanings
  • Annual dental exams
  • Instructions on preventive care
  • X-rays
  • Dental sealants to protect healthy teeth
  • Fillings
  • Tooth extractions
  • Oral cancer screenings

When looking for someone to take care of your family's dental needs, consider the following:

1. Your insurance needs

If you have dental insurance, be sure your family dentist is in your network of providers. It's crucial to find a dentist who either takes your insurance or who can work with you on your family's oral health within your budget.

If you need specialized care (such as an orthodontist), it's crucial that the office either has in-house specialists or detailed knowledge of other good providers who can work with your insurance or out-of-pocket finances.

2. Facility locations, hours, and other logistics

Your dentist should be located in the same town or city where you live, so there's no reason to put off semi-annual appointments. This is especially the case if you have a large family and must take multiple trips each year to check off everyone's dental exams and cleanings from the to-do list. You may even have the option of looking for a dental practice on a public transportation route.

In addition, a nearby dentist is more likely to be able to refer you to other nearby specialists that they recommend and work closely with, so you don't need to drive hours away for care.

3. A welcoming atmosphere and compassionate care

You should feel respected from the front desk to the dental chair. Staff should be open about what to expect and upfront about the cost of care and any payments that need to be made at the time of service, so there are no surprises.

When you get to the examination room, the hygienist and dentist should treat you respectfully and express concern for your health. You should feel comfortable asking them any questions about your oral health. Dentists should want you to return so you can prevent health problems, which means they should provide a compassionate atmosphere for you to discuss your care.

4. A focus on prevention

The role of your family dentist is to instill good oral healthcare habits and help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Be prepared for an honest assessment of your oral health and habits that may lead to cavities or other dental issues. However, your practitioners should not judge your lifestyle in a way that makes you or your children feel shame or makes you unwilling to return.

These four factors are essential when choosing a family dentist you’re willing and able to see every six months.

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