How Can I Take Care of My Teeth During the Holidays?

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The holiday season can be a tough time for your teeth. While you might work your hardest to keep your teeth healthy and safe, the pressures of the festivities can be daunting. You’ve got plenty of events to attend with lots of sweet food to enjoy. Taking care of your teeth during the holidays may be a challenge, but the experts at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA have a few pointers you can follow to help you with your dental care needs.

Be sure to maintain your dental hygiene routine

The holidays are a busy time with plenty of meetings and events to attend during the season. Stick with your dental routine to ensure your teeth stay comfortable. Keep brushing your teeth each day, and floss regularly to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Sugary and sticky foods can lead to excess bacteria if you aren’t careful.

Consume more water

When you consume more water, you will not be as likely to consume more acidic or sugar-filled drinks that might be more popular during the holidays. Water can also wash away many forms of bacteria around your teeth. Drinking water after eating can help you reduce the number of particles that stick around after eating.

Avoid dark-colored drinks and sugary foods when possible

Red wine, soft drinks, and various dark liquors may be more prominent during the holiday season. It’s best not to consume too many of these beverages to prevent staining and cavities. The intense dyes in many of these darker drinks can cut through the tooth enamel, leaving behind unsightly-looking teeth.

You’ll also find yourself with the opportunities to eat many sugar-rich foods throughout the holidays, including desserts, cookies, and various sweets. It’s ok to consume in moderation, but avoid overeating these foods when possible, as they could cause more harm to your teeth than you can afford. Always brush your teeth regularly after eating and drinking sugary foods and beverages.

Maintain regular scheduled dental appointments

One of the best ways to care for your teeth is to attend your regularly scheduled bi-annual dental care appointments. Our dentists at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA are here to serve all your oral care needs.

Our expert dental team can review your teeth and clean out the dental plaque and buildup that have built up over the past year. We can also identify possible cavities and other concerns and resolve them before tooth decay and other threats get worse. During your check-up, we can also help identify how well you are caring for your teeth and if you need to change your dental hygiene habits.

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