How Do You Get Rid of Stains on Teeth?

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Over-the-counter (OTC) tooth-whitening solutions are a big business, powering a booming global industry valued at over $3 billion. But are these options as effective as they claim to be? If you are looking to brighten up your teeth, LANCO Dental Care can help. Come see us at our office in Lancaster, PA! Or contact us today to schedule a consultation, and you’ll be sporting a vivid, luminous smile before you know it!

Choosing the best option for you

Stocked with innumerable strips, gels, and trays, the tooth-whitening aisles at your local stores and pharmacies may be tricky to navigate. And it doesn’t help that many of these products lack approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which considers them cosmetic treatments. Additionally, new and sometimes faddish products frequently appear on shelves.

These treatments include charcoal-based products that promise to eliminate stains, toxins, and bacteria. But their abrasive nature strips the protective layer of enamel, which can accelerate staining and cause problems, such as tooth sensitivity. Similarly, DIY solutions and extravagant product claims are most often unconfirmed by reputable organizations, such as the American Dental Association (ADA).

And overuse or incorrect use of otherwise benign stain-removing products can cause adverse effects, such as gum inflammation. Furthermore, store-bought options are of a one-size-fits-all design that may not properly suit your needs.

LANCO Dental Care offers safe, effective, and convenient stain-removing treatments

We offer a full spectrum of services to give you a Hollywood-worthy smile, including two convenient, fast-acting, and easy-to-use take-home treatments.

Opalescence Go™ pre-filled trays are convenient and easy to use. This professional-strength whitening system boasts UltraFit technology to perfectly conform to your teeth without any impressions or fittings.

The hydrogen peroxide in Opalescence Go removes stains, producing visible results in under two weeks. The added fluoride strengthens enamel, protecting your teeth from bacteria and decay. And potassium nitrate calms sensitive nerves.

We’re also pleased to offer Pola Day. The Pola Day stain-removing system utilizes customized trays, which you fill with a prescription-strength whitening gel. The gel’s high viscosity allows a snug fit. And its neutral pH facilitates the release of peroxide to promote even, deep absorption.

Pola Day also promises extreme comfort. Thickeners provide a pleasant mouth-feel by removing the tacky, goopy feeling. And desensitizing agents soothe nerve endings to prevent any discomfort.

These take-home options, endorsed by our top-notch dental experts, boast numerous benefits:

  • No confusion. Our experienced dentists will help select the most prudent treatment for you.

  • More effective options. The stain-removing treatments offered at our offices in Lancaster, PA are more concentrated and offer greater whitening capabilities than store-bought alternatives.

  • Quicker results. Our take-home kits will help you achieve your dream smile in a fraction of the time compared to OTC options.

Contact us today for a brighter smile tomorrow

And rest assured knowing that Opalescence Go and Pola Day are both proven to be effective, safe, and fast-acting. And why endure another exasperating trip to the store when you can enjoy brilliant results in the comfort of your own home in as little as 30 minutes per day?

So for a vibrant smile that’s sure to turn heads, contact us today or visit LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA.

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