How Long After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can I Return to Normal Eating?

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The wisdom tooth extraction process might not take as long as you expect, but the recovery time will last for a few weeks. The gumline needs time to recover and heal, plus the openings will take a few weeks to close and stop bleeding.

You’ll need to change your diet for a few weeks after the extraction process is complete. Most of the restrictions in your diet will last for about a week or two, although you might have to avoid some items for up to a month.

The experts at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA have a few pointers you can follow on what to eat after the procedure to ensure the recovery process is a success.

During the first week

Avoid eating anything hard or rough during the first week after the procedure. Stick with soft foods and liquids, and make sure whatever you eat is cold or gentle enough. Avoid foods that might be too hot or otherwise bothersome, as they can irritate the site.

Some of the foods you can eat during the first week include yogurt, pudding, soups, apple sauce, and mashed vegetables.

Avoid anything that might stick in the extraction site. Do not consume any acidic foods either, as they may irritate the area and impair the healing process.

During the second week

You can start adding some slightly soft foods to your diet during the second week. Oatmeal and macaroni are good examples. These foods are easy to consume, but make sure anything hot cools off before eating. Don’t forget to clean the extraction sites after consuming these foods, as you don’t want to risk anything entering these sites. The dental team at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA can provide the necessary cleaning materials for keeping the extraction area safe and clear. We’ll also offer instructions on how to use each item.

Later in the first month

You can move on to more solid foods in the third and fourth weeks after the extraction but aim to chew away from the extraction sites. Continue to avoid foods like nuts or popcorn that might get stuck in the extraction sites. You can also start consuming more acidic foods but keep them at a minimum if possible.

After the first month

You should be ready to get back to your original diet a month after the extraction. You can schedule a follow-up review to see how the area is recovering.

In summary, you will spend about a month recovering from the wisdom tooth extraction process. The wisdom tooth removal effort requires time for recovery, as the extraction site has to close. Be sure your diet after the extraction process is planned well and that you avoid foods that might be risky.

Where can I find out more information about wisdom tooth extractions?

Contact us at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA if you have tooth pain concerns that may relate to your wisdom teeth. We can check your wisdom teeth and see if they need removing. We’ll also guide you through the recovery process after the extraction to ensure the health and safety of your teeth.

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