How Sedation Dentistry Helps With Dental Anxiety

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Can you relax in the dentist's chair? Do you avoid the dentist because you have dental anxiety? If you have skipped dental appointments or put off going to the dentist, you are not alone. However, you can relieve dental stress with sedation dentistry. At LANCO Dental Care, we want our patients to feel at ease and comfortable visiting our practice in Lancaster, PA. We offer nitrous oxide sedation to help with dental anxiety during your appointment. This blog discusses how to deal with dental anxiety and how the team at LANCO Dental Care can help.

What is dental anxiety?

Some people assume that a lack of tooth pain means their teeth are healthy. However, that is not necessarily the case. Putting off a dental visit because of anxiety or fear can put your oral health at risk. It may increase the potential of developing gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental concerns. Regular dental checkups allow doctors to identify an issue that is developing, possibly helping patients avoid time-consuming, expensive treatments down the road. If you are avoiding dental appointments due to dental anxiety, LANCO Dental Care provides sedation dentistry to put your mind at ease and allow you to relax during your appointment. Men and women who experience dental anxiety:

  • Have a fear of needles, shots, or injections
  • Worry about experiencing any pain and discomfort during a procedure
  • Feel anxious about personal space being lost with a dentist or hygienist
  • Feel a sense of helplessness or loss of control when sitting in a dental chair

How can sedation dentistry help with dental anxiety?

There are two common sedation dentistry methods: oral medications or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Oral sedation is a pill taken before the appointment to make you feel slightly drowsy and calmer. With oral sedation, some patients may not even remember much about their procedure or even fall asleep. However, it is generally recommended to have an adult drive you home afterward when oral medication has been taken. At LANCO Dental Care, we provide nitrous oxide sedation. Commonly known as laughing gas, this popular and straightforward technique allows patients to be awake throughout the entire procedure while being completely relaxed. Patients also feel back to normal a few minutes after it is shut off, so no assistance from another adult is needed afterward. Nitrous oxide sedation is also safe for most children and adults.

How does nitrous oxide sedation work?

At LANCO Dental Care, our dentists will discuss your medical history, go over any current medications being taken, and determine if nitrous oxide sedation is a good fit for you. This popular sedation dentistry method may not work for patients with COPD, difficulty breathing through their nose, or other health concerns. Before the procedure, one of our caring team members will administer the nitrous oxide gas by using a nasal hood. As the sedation gas is inhaled, it will quickly work to relax you. During the procedure, we can adjust the volume received, so you remain comfortable throughout the entire treatment. Common side effects that subside shortly after the gas is shut off are:

  • Feeling of warmth
  • Euphoria or "floating" sensation
  • Tingling sensation in the legs and arms

Sedation dentistry near me and help with dental anxiety

Everyone deserves excellent dental care without the fear or dread of visiting the dentist. Our dental experts and caring team at LANCO Dental Care offer nitrous oxide sedation to Lancaster, PA patients. Whether it is nitrous oxide or oral sedation to help with dental anxiety, we will work with you to determine what you need so you have a pleasant experience at our dental office. We can also check if your dental insurance provider partially or fully covers sedation dentistry. Contact one of our team members to book a sedation dentistry consultation at LANCO Dental Care today.

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