How To Care For Your Mouth After Tooth Extraction

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There are several instances in which a tooth extraction may be necessary, either as a last resort or to protect your smile. At LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA, our skilled team of dental professionals offers both simple and surgical tooth extractions to allow patients to maintain a healthy mouth. After receiving a tooth extraction, it is important that you adhere to the proper aftercare instructions to make sure that your smile heals properly without any complications. Our experienced dentists can provide these instructions and additional tips to ensure your best possible results with quicker recovery times.

Reasons for tooth extractions

Multiple oral health factors can contribute to the need for simple or surgical tooth extractions. Some of the most common could include:

  • An overcrowded smile

  • An infected, damaged, or broken tooth

  • Side effects of gum disease

  • Impacted teeth, such as with wisdom teeth

A typical situation that may require a surgical tooth extraction procedure for Lancaster, PA patients is when wisdom teeth start to grow in and disturb the existing teeth. Often, these teeth are removed before they fully erupt in order to preserve the health and appearance of the smile since the jaw may not be large enough to accommodate these new teeth. This procedure at LANCO Dental Care is most common among adolescents when the wisdom teeth start to become noticeable on digital X-rays.

How many teeth can be extracted at one time?

There is no real set number of teeth that can be effectively extracted at one time. In most cases, if a surgical approach is required, your LANCO Dental Care dental professional may recommend that all necessary extractions be performed at the same time, such as the case with wisdom tooth extractions. Typically, the number of extractions decided upon at one time will depend on the unique patient case, including the position of the tooth, the difficulty of the extraction, and the health of the patient. During your tooth extraction consultation at our Lancaster, PA facility, our dental professionals will curate an appropriate treatment plan that is ideal for your dental and oral healthcare needs.

Tooth extraction aftercare for multiple extractions

Following a multiple tooth extraction procedure, you may notice some slight bleeding; however, gauze pads can be placed on the area until the bleeding subsides. For some time after your treatment, you may need to avoid hot foods, drinking through a straw, and stick to a liquid or soft food diet. Ice packs can be utilized if you experience any swelling or inflammation. If you notice any pain or discomfort, over-the-counter pain medications can be taken periodically. You may also need to attend follow-up appointments at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA in order to allow our dental team to evaluate your healing progress and make a plan for a dental restoration if necessary.

Discover more about surgical and simple tooth extraction

No matter what reason you may have for requiring a simple or surgical tooth extraction, our dental professionals at LANCO Dental Care are here to help. With the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we can gain a more in-depth view of your mouth in order to determine the best extraction treatment plan specifically for you. Learn more about your tooth extractions, including aftercare and recovery tips, by contacting our Lancaster, PA facility to schedule an initial consultation.

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