Is a Knocked Out Tooth a Dental Emergency?

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It isn't uncommon for a sports-related injury or accident to cause a person to lose a tooth. In some cases, individuals can have several teeth knocked out. More than five million adults and children every year deal with this dental issue. However, it doesn't necessarily mean there is permanent tooth loss. A lost tooth can be saved by acting quickly, within 30 minutes, and seeking help from a dental professional. Our team at LANCO Dental Care provides emergency dental care in Lancaster, PA. Read on to learn about what to do when your tooth gets knocked out and why it is necessary to immediately seek emergency dental care.

What is emergency dental care?

Dental emergencies involve an accident or incident involving the mouth area and usually happen without warning. Oral pain or excessive bleeding are the most common signs that indicate a person needs to call their dentist. Our dental experts at LANCO Dental Care provide urgent emergency dental care when patients need it most to replace, repair, or save a damaged or knocked-out tooth. It can also be necessary for the following:

  • Infected or abscessed tooth
  • An injury or fractured jawline that involves the gumline
  • Broken tooth, filling, or denture
  • Partially or fully dislodged tooth

What to do if your tooth gets knocked out

A tooth or multiple teeth getting knocked out is a dental emergency. If you lose a tooth, you should try to re-implant it. However, if your child gets a baby tooth knocked out, don't try to re-insert it and immediately call your dentist. When a tooth gets knocked out, you should do the following:

  • Find the tooth immediately
  • Hold the tooth by the surface, not the roots, if they are still intact
  • If it's dirty, rinse it off with water
  • Put it back into position (only if an adult or permanent tooth)
  • Gently bite down on a napkin or paper towel to hold the tooth in place
  • Seek emergency dental care

If you can't put the tooth back into place, put it in a glass of milk, and call your dentist right away

When unsure, call your dentist

Dental emergencies can happen – but knowing how to handle it when it occurs is critical. Even if it is a minor injury to the mouth or jawbone area, it is a good idea to contact your dentist and have them check it out. Getting a tooth knocked out can be a painful experience, but you need to act quickly. If you have the tooth, don't touch the roots; clean it off with water and either put it back in place or in milk. The longer the tooth stays out, the harder it will be to save it, so try to seek emergency dental care within 30 minutes of the accident. While an accident or injury to your mouth is never planned, here are some precautions you can take:

  • Wear a mouth guard if you play sports
  • Don't eat certain foods that are tough on your teeth
  • Have your dentist's emergency number in your contacts
  • Visit your dentist for regular checkups (at least every six months) to have good oral health
  • Brush and floss daily

At LANCO Dental Care, our team is available and leaves time in their schedule for any type of dental emergency. Even if our office is closed, listen carefully to our instructions to determine what your next steps should be. If you need emergency dental care in Lancaster, PA, contact our office immediately.

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