Questions For Your Family Dentist at Your Next Appointment

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If you are making it a habit to visit your family dentist for regular visits, then kudos to you! You are doing your part of committing to your oral health and staying on top of your dental needs. However, keep in mind that dental visits are the perfect opportunity to get information straight from your dental care expert. At LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA, your overall oral health is our primary concern. By maintaining regular bi-annual visits, you can help reduce your risk of developing cavities and gum disease, and fight tooth decay. The next time you visit our team at LANCO Dental Care, take a moment to consider asking the following questions that might help you change the way you think about your dental health.

Is a routine dental examination necessary?

A regular dental visit, at least twice a year, helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. At LANCO Dental Care, our Lancaster, PA patients will receive a checkup or examination and oral prophylaxis or cleaning. X-rays will be taken once a year to detect any issues below the gums or cavities between the teeth. The exam will also include a check for tartar or plaque on your teeth. Plaque is the sticky layer of bacteria that hardens and becomes tartar if not removed. If tartar and plaque buildup accumulate on your teeth, they can cause other dental or oral issues. Your dental exam will also include a thorough check of your throat, tongue, and gums to look for any signs of redness, swelling, or possible signs of cancer.

Questions to ask at your next routine dental examination

When it comes to dental care, asking pertinent questions during your regular visits is essential. Our team at LANCO Dental Care wants you to be an active participant in your overall oral health. By asking the following at your next appointment, you can get the answers you need from an expert.

1. Are my teeth/gums healthy?

Even though your teeth are an important asset to your smile, so are your gums. The gums are responsible for holding teeth in place and surround the tooth root. Healthy teeth don't mean much if unhealthy gums are what surrounds them. By asking our team about your gum health, you can get pertinent facts about bleeding, current pocket depths, and direct gum disease indicators.

2. Can I get advice on how to care for my teeth?

Don't be afraid to ask at your dental checkup about your brushing or flossing technique. While most of us don't want a grade for our dental care, asking our team about your at-home care is crucial to maintaining good oral health between visits. It is a chance to learn if what you are currently doing is getting the job done while learning other techniques from a professional on the subject.

3. Do you have any recommendations for my diet or lifestyle?

Your oral health is more than flossing, brushing, and visiting your dentist regularly. It is about eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and reducing your sugar intake to reduce the risk of cavities. Discussing your diet with our team ensures you are doing everything to reduce your risk for future dental issues or disease.

4. How can I maximize my dental insurance policy?

It is essential to know if you are getting the most out of your dental insurance. Most dental benefits go unused. Many dental plans offer to cover the cost of preventive treatments, so ask our team about your dental insurance and how you can use it.

5. Is there anything my family medical doctor should know?

Most people don't think about discussing their dental visit with their general practitioner. However, family dentists can catch health markers for disease because many first appear in the mouth. Our team may recognize a patient having an issue with a blood disorder, acid reflux, eating disorder, untreated diabetes, or an autoimmune disease at your dental visit. A dentist's regular visit can even detect the first signs of throat, mouth, or tongue cancer.

Choose LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA as your general dentist

Is there a question we didn't cover? Schedule an appointment with one of our dental experts today. Professionalism, comfort, and a caring approach are some of the many qualities that patients take away from their routine dental examinations at LANCO Dental Care. We provide a personalized approach to your dental care and never compromise quality at our office. To learn more about our team and what we can do for you for your overall oral health, contact our office in Lancaster, PA, or schedule an appointment online today.

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