What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatment?

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Fluoride is necessary for your dental health needs, as it strengthens and restores your tooth structure. Fluoride naturally appears in many foods, and Lancaster’s water supply is treated with a small amount of fluoride. While this is good, the best way to receive fluoride for your teeth is to undergo a thorough fluoride treatment during your next dental cleaning.

LANCO Dental Care can provide a thorough fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth and help protect them from further harm. Our dentists in Lancaster, PA offer fluoride solutions for patients of all ages, but it works especially well for kids whose teeth are still developing.

How a fluoride treatment process works

The fluoride treatment will entail a gel or foam going over the teeth following a cleaning. The fluoride compound will be applied through a mouth tray, although you might have to swish the material in some cases. You’ll require some time to allow the fluoride to sit to get through the enamel. You can then spit out the fluoride after a few minutes, but you must also avoid eating or drinking anything for about 30 minutes afterward to ensure the fluoride can work as desired.

We recommend receiving a fluoride treatment during each cleaning with our dentists in Lancaster, PA. You should get your teeth cleaned every six months, although you may need help every three months, depending on your oral health. Our fluoride materials also utilize various flavorings to make them easier for you to process.

Protect your enamel

The main benefit of fluoride treatment is how it can protect your dental enamel. Fluoride provides a protective barrier that can prevent bacteria from entering the enamel.

The risk of experiencing new dental cavities will be minimal when you undergo fluoride treatment. However, you’ll need to watch your daily diet, and how you brush and floss, as excess bacteria can cause acids to form that can harm your smile.

Restore minerals

You can also restore various minerals in your teeth through a fluoride application at LANCO Dental Care. The treatment triggers remineralization, a process where essential compounds, like calcium and phosphorus, return to the dental tissue.

Benefits of fluoride for the teeth

Your daily diet can contain plenty of acids that can penetrate and harm your teeth. Various fruit juices and products with sugars and starches can contain acids that will enter your teeth and trigger staining and start breaking down the enamel. It is often hard to keep your diet in check each day, as some of these foods may be necessary for your life. But with regular fluoride treatments, you can protect your smile and keep your teeth safe.

Contact a dentist in Lancaster, PA

You can trust our team at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA for help with a fluoride treatment. Our service will ensure your teeth stay strong and healthy, as fluoride can trigger remineralization in your teeth and provide a secure barrier that prevents cavities from forming. You can contact us today to learn more about our work and schedule an appointment for service.

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