What Happens During a Routine Dental Exam?

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A routine dental exam is a necessity for the health of your teeth and gums. Our highly skilled dentists at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA recommend planning a dental exam every six months. You can expect many things to happen during a routine dental exam. The process is about ensuring the safety and health of your teeth.

Medical history check

A dental exam will start with a review of your medical history. Some medications you take or any chronic issues you have might influence your dental health. Our dentists can review these points when looking at the treatment options available for use.

X-ray reviews

You will receive an x-ray of your teeth and gums during a routine exam. The x-ray can identify possible signs of decay and wear around your teeth. This is necessary for finding possible threats that you might not notice at the start.

Dental x-rays take less time to manage than most traditional x-rays. It also doesn’t produce a substantial amount of radiation, making it a safe approach for reviewing your teeth.

Checking supporting areas

Your neck, jaw, and bite will be analyzed to see how well they look and that there are no improper alignment issues to worry about. Your body requires a thorough review to ensure the teeth are properly aligned.

Oral cancer screening

Your dentist can also check on any potential signs of oral cancer. A dentist can identify possible cases of oral cancer by looking at any unusual patches inside the mouth or any growths around the tongue or gums. Such issues can be treated if identified sooner, although a dentist may refer you to another service provider to assist you with your health needs.

Monitoring restorations

A dentist can also look at any restorations surrounding your teeth to confirm their stability. A dentist can check on the bridges, crowns, and other features around the teeth to ensure they are functional and active. You will receive details on any necessary fixes required out of the process if there are any noticeable concerns.

General teeth cleaning

A routine dental exam at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA will include a thorough cleaning. The cleaning process includes clearing off plaque and other forms of buildup on your teeth. Proper cleaning is necessary to prevent gingivitis and other conditions from developing.

Identifying the next steps

Sometimes, a dentist may find a cavity or gum disease while reviewing your teeth. These concerns can be worrying, but you can talk with your dentist about the next steps to take at this point. You can learn about treatment options available and how they can work. The best dentist will always explain what will happen and provide points on how to ensure your comfort during any procedure you may require.

Are fillings required?

You may receive fillings for your teeth at the end of your dental exam if your dentist recommends them. Fillings are necessary for cavities and other imperfections. But your dentist can also discuss possible efforts for going further if there are any more significant problems with your teeth at this point.

Where can I get a dental exam in Lancaster, PA?

Routine dental exams are necessary for ensuring the health of your teeth. If you need quality dental care in Lancaster, PA, contact us today for a consultation. Our team of highly skilled dentists at LANCO Dental Care is dedicated to making sure you have a happy and healthy smile.

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