Will Regular Dental Cleanings Alone Make My Teeth Whiter?

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One reason you should schedule regular dental cleanings is that they can improve the health and appearance of your teeth. You’ll notice your teeth will temporarily look whiter following a cleaning. The process isn’t as effective in whitening your teeth as a traditional teeth whitening process, but it will boost how they look. You can request a cleaning from our dentists at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA to enjoy this outstanding benefit. Our service will help you restore the appearance of your teeth, but it will work even better when you schedule a teeth whitening procedure afterward.

How does a cleaning whiten your teeth?

A dental cleaning will clear the buildup on your teeth that keep them from looking their brightest. Proper dental cleaning will remove tartar and plaque that builds up around the surface. The procedure prevents these buildups from spreading into the gums and causing gum disease.

The plaque and tartar on your teeth can cause discoloration. These buildups can make healthy teeth look weak, as they can grow from the gums and move further around the teeth. These features aren’t easy to clean yourself, but a dentist can help remove these bothersome features from your teeth before they become too unattractive.

The cleaning also includes thorough flossing that targets the plaque and tartar that appear in between the teeth. By reducing those buildups in those areas, it becomes harder for those items to build over the teeth. The natural appearances of your teeth will become visible, thus boosting how well those teeth look.

Will you still require a whitening procedure?

While a dental cleaning can help your teeth look brighter, you will still need a teeth whitening procedure if you want the best results possible. A dental cleaning can remove the buildup that appears on the dental surface, but it won’t correct the stains that settle in the enamel.

A member of our team at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA can review your teeth and find a whitening solution that works for you. A professional whitening treatment can help break down and lift various stains inside your teeth. These include stains from your diet, any medical conditions you have, and general aging. The work releases those stains and allows the natural white tones of your teeth to come out once again.

Our teeth whitening treatment doesn’t use bleaching agents or other items that may be potentially dangerous to your teeth. We can provide details on how the procedure works and what you can expect from the practice.

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You can receive a whiter smile when you undergo a dental cleaning, but it will be more effective with a professional teeth whitening procedure. You can use these two points together to help you restore your teeth and help them feel and look healthier. You can ask our dentists at LANCO Dental Care in Lancaster, PA when you need help with your teeth. You can visit us today to plan an appointment for services and learn more about the exciting services we provide.

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