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About Emergency Dentistry

Accidents happen at every stage in life, which is why LANCO Dental Care is pleased to offer swift, compassionate emergency dental services to assist our patients when they need it most. Some of the most common dental emergencies we treat are cracked, broken, or chipped teeth, tooth pain, and teeth that have been knocked out. Dental emergencies can result from biting into hard foods, a mishap while playing sports, a bad spill, or a blunt-force injury to the mouth or jaw. While you or your loved one may or may not feel discomfort, it is important to have your mouth checked following any incident to screen for any oral damage. At our established Lancaster, PA dental practice, we make urgent dental needs a priority and fit emergency visits into our schedule as soon as possible.

When to Seek Emergency Care

In certain situations, such as with a dislodged or knocked-out tooth, time is of the essence and urgent dental care is needed right away. You may also require emergency care if a tooth or restoration falls out, you are in pain, or you have a cracked or broken tooth. When you have any injury or damage to your mouth that impacts your gums, teeth, soft tissues, or jawbone, it is best to get in touch with our office. A member of our team will help you determine how quickly to come in, offer ways to manage any discomfort, and suggest how to preserve your tooth or dental restoration until you arrive at our Lancaster, PA office. Even seemingly small injuries can lead to larger issues if not handled as soon as possible. Therefore, it is best to contact our experienced dental team as soon as possible.

What To Expect At Your Visit

When you arrive for your emergency dental visit, we will have you relax in one of our treatment rooms and evaluate your condition. Digital images might be taken to check for hidden conditions and evaluate the full impact of your injury or damage. Since each dental emergency is different, our skilled practitioners will thoroughly evaluate your problem before providing a diagnosis. We will then discuss your options for care and create your treatment plan. When possible, we will provide treatment during your emergency visit. Our primary focus will be to resolve any discomfort and return function and appearance to your smile. Depending on your needs, however, you might require one or more visits to fully address your oral health.

Recovery After Treatment

At the end of your emergency visit, we will provide you with instructions that will help you heal. We may write you a prescription for antibiotics or pain medication, which should be used as directed. Our caring team will also let you know if you should schedule a follow-up appointment. After your dental emergency is addressed, our team may offer suggestions on preventing future accidents, such as with a custom-made mouth guard that can help protect your mouth during contact sports. Keeping up with a regular home oral hygiene routine through brushing and flossing each day can help to maintain your oral health following emergency care. During your cleaning and check-up visits with our Lancaster, PA team, we will continue to keep an eye on your healing progress.

Emergency Care for Your Family

When you or a loved one has pain, a loose restoration, or a traumatic injury to the mouth, call LANCO Dental Care for urgent dental care. Our highly trained and caring staff will work quickly to manage your condition and provide the comfort and relief you need to restore oral health. Fast, timely treatment is the key to saving your oral well-being and preventing potential problems. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our office in Lancaster, PA, for emergency dental care when your family needs it most.

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