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What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Good dental health is vital for each member of the household, regardless of their age. At LANCO Dental Care, we are pleased to offer children's dental health in Lancaster, PA, to maintain the oral health and smiles of your children and teens. Our objective is to provide your family with an enjoyable and relaxing trip to our Lancaster, PA, office and create a positive association with the dentist that can last the rest of their life. During their dental visits, our kid-friendly team will evaluate the development of their teeth, search for areas of concern, and instruct them on how best to keep up with good oral hygiene at home. To find out more information about pediatric dentistry in Lancaster, PA, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

What Are the Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry at LANCO Dental Care creates a child-friendly environment to provide numerous benefits that cater particularly to the dental needs of kids and teens, preserving their dental health and setting the groundwork for years of healthy smiles. These benefits include:

  • Positive, calming dental visits for younger patients with a focus on lessening fear and nerves
  • Establishes great oral hygiene standards from early in life
  • Ability to record the growth and progression of the patient's teeth and jaw
  • Supporting the general health and wellness of children by safeguarding dental health
  • Increased likelihood of keeping up good dental wellness throughout life
  • Educational resources and suggestions for caregivers relating to healthy dental care for their kids
  • Enables detection and treatment of oral concerns
  • Early intervention to manage issues such as decay and misalignment, preventing more elaborate therapies in the future

If you are seeking a dental clinic that offers dentistry services for children and adolescents, look no further. LANCO dental care can help your child reap all the benefits of having a dentist adept in pediatric dentistry.

Who is an ideal candidate for Pediatric Care?

Our pediatric dentistry serves infants through adolescents. We invite parents to make their child's initial visit with our caring team before their first birthday. From there, it is recommended that kids, like adults, visit the dentist at least two times per year for cleanings and examinations. Children can experience cavities (tooth decay) and other oral health issues even at an early age. You can help give them a healthy start in life by scheduling routine visits for examinations and cleanings. Throughout their appointments, we will screen for any early issues, such as restorative needs, dental malocclusion, and proper eruption, and may suggest fluoride treatments, sealants, or other preventive solutions. Restorative needs to treat damaged or decayed teeth can also be addressed and can often be minimized when children maintain healthy dental habits. Since your child will have their baby (primary) teeth for many years, it is important to help keep their mouth in good health as they grow. Schedule an appointment with our Lancaster county dentist to help children's dental health in Lancaster, PA.

What can my child Expect During a Visit?

Most trips to the dentist for kids include a dental exam and a pediatric dental cleaning unless other treatment needs are identified. After a dental cleaning, fluoride treatment might be administered to strengthen the teeth against the development of decay to increase children's dental health in Lancaster, PA. In addition, dental sealants are often recommended to minimize the risk of cavities in permanent back teeth. In some cases, we may need to repair teeth that are already showing signs of decay or are chipped, damaged, or broken. When your child is a pre-teen or teenager, we will evaluate for any orthodontic treatment needs, which might prevent future dental problems. Our team will also monitor their eruption pattern and jaw development and let you know if your son or daughter might benefit from other services as they grow.

What are some Follow-Up Recommendations?

If our  Lancaster county dentist and team detects an issue during your child's dental examination or cleaning, you might need to schedule a follow-up appointment for treatment. After the cleaning and exam, we will speak with you and your child about the most important part of an oral hygiene routine: regular brushing and flossing. Proper techniques on the correct way to brush and floss each day will also be reviewed. We suggest that you co-brush and floss your child's teeth until they are able to accomplish these tasks effectively on their own. Your child will have a mixture of baby teeth and permanent teeth as their jaw develops and teeth fall out and emerge. In general, this process is generally completed by age 12 – 13. Throughout these critical years, it is important to help your child establish a good oral care routine that will serve their oral health for many years to come. 

Pediatric Dentistry FAQ

How is a pediatric dentist different from other dentists?

Pediatric dentists are specifically trained to work with children, their teeth, and their unique needs. Additionally, our pediatric dentists have a passion for working with children and aim to create a positive experience — so the child feels comfortable, safe, and energetic about visiting the dentist.

What happens during my child’s first visit to the dentist?

For many children, the first visit is often short and sweet. We'll focus on getting to know your child and giving you some basic information about proper dental care for children. We will check your child's teeth for placement and any potential issues, and we may clean the teeth if necessary. If you or your child have any questions, this is the perfect time to ask!

How can I prepare my child for their first dental appointment?

One of the best and easiest ways to help your child have a positive first visit to the dentist is to have a positive attitude yourself. Children pick up on adult apprehension, and if you have concerns, they may too. We encourage you to show your child pictures of our office and the doctor they'll be seeing. Also, remember that our dentists are specially trained to handle dental fears and anxieties, so we can help put your child at ease.

Grow Bright and Healthy Smiles

Help your children's dental health in Lancaster, CA, so they can develop good dental health for the remainder of their lifetime by scheduling biannual appointments at LANCO Dental Care. Our highly trained team considers it very important to begin receiving dental care early in life to start preventive steps and avoid future issues from developing. Even the youngest member of your family is welcome at our kid-friendly Lancaster, PA, dental practice. To schedule a comprehensive dental examination for your child, get in touch with our Lancaster county dentist today.

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