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About Simple Tooth Extractions

Though our experienced and skilled dental team makes every attempt to conserve and maintain your natural teeth, there are instances where a tooth or teeth may need to be extracted. At LANCO Dental Care, we routinely perform simple tooth extractions to improve oral health by removing teeth that are decayed, infected, irreparably broken, or otherwise preventing good oral health. A simple extraction removes a tooth that is visible through the gums and can be extracted without a surgical approach. Regardless of the reason for needing a tooth extraction, our dedicated team will provide you with the best possible care for your smile. If you or a family member need to have a tooth removed, get in touch with our Lancaster, PA, family dental practice to schedule an evaluation and preserve your oral health.

When Are Extractions Needed?

If your tooth is broken or damaged from decay, we will make every effort to repair it with a filling or dental crown. However, a tooth might be beyond repair and may need to be taken out to prevent the decay from spreading — and also to conserve the health of the rest of your teeth. Dental extractions may also be recommended to remove teeth that no longer have proper bone support due to gum disease or lack the proper space to fully erupt. In some cases, we may recommend tooth extractions to aid in an orthodontic treatment plan or to remove stubborn baby teeth that are preventing the eruption of permanent teeth. If you or a family member has surgical extraction needs, we may partner with a trusted oral surgery specialist to address your oral health needs.

What to Expect During Care

Dental extractions are performed in our office using local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. When the treatment area is prepared and you are comfortable, our skilled team will begin the procedure. To perform a simple extraction, we will use a special device known as an elevator to gently loosen the tooth from the socket. Once the tooth is removed, sutures may be placed to close off the area and initiate the healing process. Our team will then provide you with instructions on how to care for the extraction site and the remainder of your mouth as you recover.

Following Tooth extractions

While your mouth recovers following an extraction, you should avoid smoking, using straws, and spitting. You may wish to eat soft, cool foods for the first couple of days after the extraction. Cold compresses and over-the-counter pain medication can also be used to help alleviate any swelling and enhance post-treatment comfort. In certain cases, a prescription for pain medicine or antibiotics may be provided. In addition to any suggested follow-up visits, it is important to keep up with dental exams and cleanings on a routine basis to maintain your oral health.

Improve Your Oral Health

Whether you have a tooth that is too damaged to repair or require a tooth removed for other reasons, a dental extraction at LANCO Dental Care may assist in improving your oral health. Our highly experienced and compassionate practitioners take a gentle approach to simple tooth extractions and can help you decide if removing a tooth is the right option for your needs. To learn more about tooth extractions for your family, contact our Lancaster, PA team and schedule a visit today.

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